About our studio

About our studio


Who we are

Passive Architecture is an engineering and design group dedicated to providing architectural services in design, management and construction processes, by incorporating energy efficient and environmentally friendly design approach. Our group has a strong expertise in resolving complex challenges in sustainable built environment domain. We are concerned with the physical context of a project and sensitive to the culture and climate of the place. We believe that our surrounding directly influences the quality of our lives, and it is our responsibility to use it consciously. Our approach is that routine procedures in planning and designing process do not improve our living environment – each problem is unique and it requires a unique solution.

What we do


  • architecture
  • sustainability
  • planing
  • interior design


Our Skills

Passive Architecture offers complete architectural services for residential, commercial and business building types. In addition, we offer urban planning, architectural interior design, furniture, finishes and equipment design, visual communications and project presentation services to our clients.








interior design


Our  Team

Vladan Drndarević

CEO – Main Architect

Dejan Vasović, Ph.D

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture · Department for Architectural Technologies

Associate architect

Vojislava Vasović

Associate architect